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Why Brooks, Moore & Associates?

1) Fiduciary


     As a fiduciary, we place our clients' interests first in all that we         do. We are held to the fiduciary standard by the U.S. Securities       and Exchange Commission (SEC). It is our responsibility to               provide fair and full disclosure of all material facts.

2) Transparent Fee Structure


     BMA is a fee-only investment manager which means that the           only compensation we receive is the management fee paid             to us by our clients. We do not receive commissions from                 trading assets and we do not sell financial products or                     insurance.

3) Custom-Tailored Investment Portfolios


     Each portfolio is custom-designed for each client in order to            meet their needs. Every client is unique, therefore, every                  portfolio we manage is different.

4) Independent


     BMA is manager-owned, utilizing a variety of custodians                   and brokers, therefore, we are not tied down to any particular         financial institution. This allows us flexibility when it comes to           making the best decisions for our clients. 

5) Trustworthy / Confidential


     Our mandate to our clients is a confidential relationship                   based on the highest level of integrity. Our goal is to develop         lasting relationships founded on trust. 

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